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Project Description

The PE-7200/7300 is an ideal audio telephone intercom system with optional integrated proximity card reader and lift car control capability suitable for residential and commercial access control applications.

It is designed as an inexpensive alternative to conventional intercom system to reduce overall system cost and enhance system reliability because there is no complex system wiring and also much fewer system components.

The internal full-duplex speakerphone provides natural and clear conversation between two parties.

Key Features

•Full-duplex natural conversation
•Cancellation of microphone coupled DTMF tone to prevent false/unauthorized access
•Support up to 1800 house units with up to three telephone numbers each
•Auto hang up. Call progress monitoring, line polarity and line in-use detections.
•Auto call diversion
•High-quality backlit keypad
•20×4-character VFD-like (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) LCD display
•Built-in real-time clock and time-stamping of every call event
•Entry code, proximity card entry and time zone
•Programmable tenant code, talk time and background beep tone
•2 relay outputs and 2 push-button inputs allow controlling up to 2 independent EM door locks
•Lift car control capability
•Ethernet/RS485, PSTN modem communication interfaces
•PE-Vista Management Software Supported
•Weather resistant and stainless steel surface

Optional Accessories

•Lift car controller card to enable lift access from remote phone
•Text inserter for overlaying access information, e.g. unit number that the visitor is calling,onto video of security camera to enhance access security

Electrical Specifications

•Power input: 12VDC Input @ 300mA
•Protection: PSTN line surge protection against lightning
•12-key backlit keypad and 20-character by 4-line VFD-like LCD display
•2 serial ports and 1 Ethernet port
•Relay dry contact rating: 125V@2A

Mechanical Specifications

•Construction: Stainless steel and weather resistant design
•Finishing: Hairline or mirror
•Mounting type: Surface, flush or pedestal
•Front panel mounting : Screwless snap-on mounting
•Dimension: L x W x D: 325mm x 130mm x 60mm
•Overall weight: 2.5Kg

Operating Environment

•Temperature: 0 to 55oC
•Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

System Block Diagram

system block diagram

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