Project Description


1/3” SONY Effio CCD II
High Resolution of 700TVL
3.6mm Board Lens (6mm, 8mm, 12mm Optional)
12 pcs High Power LED, IR Distance: 15 – 20m
Casing Color Option: White, Grey & Black.



* Design and Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.

whereby the camera constantly monitors the light and adjusts its color to maintain white areas. Cameras with this feature will automatically adjust color settings to achieve consistent quality in the white areas of the image.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC): an electronic circuit used by which the gain of a signal is automatically adjusted as a function of its input or other specified parameter.

Day/Night: this option allows you to adjust your camera to the day or night mode to give maximum quality of picture.

Backlight Compensation (BLC): the camera features a backlight compensation circuit that prevents the object in front of the light to become like a black shadow and to create clear detailed picture.